CSS Snap Scroll Tutorial

Raj   30 October 2018

CSS Snap Scroll allows you to create an awesome scrolling experience for your users by declaring snap points on your page. So as the user scrolls the page the page snaps to certain points creating a nice experience for the users.

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Github Tutorial for Beginners

Raj   31 October 2018

Github is a place where you can store your projects privately or publicly and keep track of all the changes made so that you can go back to a stable/consistent version of the project if required. Github also allows you to collaborate with other developers on different projects.

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How to make a Progressive Web App

Raj   01 November 2018

Progressive Web Apps have become very much popular nowadays as it allows a website to have many nice features like that of a native app. Some of the features are Installable, App-like Feel, Offline Access and much more.

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How to setup DNS for a website

Raj   02 November 2018

DNS stands for Domain Name System and it is a collection of all the domain/website names on the internet such as google.com, facebook.com etc. The servers are targeted through their IP addresses but we humans cannot remember IP addresses for so many websites and therefore DNS translates the domain names into IP addresses so that we can access the websites with the help of a domain name such as google.com, without the need to remember the IP addresses.

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How to SSH into a remote server

Raj   04 November 2018

SSH stands for Secure Shell or also known as Secure Socket Shell. SSH allows us to access a remote computer/server in a secure way over an insecure network such as the internet. It provides authentication and an encrypted communication between two computers.

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How to use FTP and SPFTP client to upload and download files from a remote server

Raj   06 November 2018

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is a commonly used protocol for file access, file transfer and file management. SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol and it provides file access, file transfer and file management functionality similar to FTP but allows all these operations over SSH and therefore it is more secure.

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How to Backup and Restore MySql Database

Raj   22 November 2018

Backup and restoration of your database is a very important process that you should know when you are running your site in production environment.

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